Sleep Problems In Children : Mom's Question And Psychiatrist's Answer

One of the greatest worries of a mom is her children’s sleep. We often hear complaints that mom cannot sleep well due to the insufficient sleep of her baby. Most of the children do not want to get to the bed early at night. As a result, moms are to stay awake with their children. Every child needs enough sleep for normal physical and mental development. Professor and Chairman at the University of Dhaka, Dr. Nasreen Wadud answered to some questions asked by different moms regarding sleep problems in children.

sleep problems in children

Question And Answer About Sleep Problems In Children

Mom’s Question: My four years old son does not want to sleep. When I go to put him to sleep he starts his tantrums- give me this and give me that. How do I put him to sleep?

Psychiatrist's Answer: Children, when they are going to sleep it are normal for them to do like this. We had also seen like this when we reared our children. But if they do not get angry and their relationship with their mother is good, then they do not behave in such a way. Because of three reasons they do like this. The first one is if they are afraid to sleep. Second reason is the loss of their parents for some time. The third reason is they want to be with their parents as much as possible.

As we have become busier, we have to accept the bitter fact, that to sleep at a certain specified time is not always possible. When we used live in villages, we use to have ample time for our children. So, whenever the children got the time with their parents, they never let go. So, before going to sleep whatever time you get with them, stay with them. Focus on them also. Even though, it may not be possible for you to give them time as much as you want. When your child starts to show tantrums, then it means that he wants to spend more time with you. So putting them to sleep by force is not a good idea. There are some steps that you can take -
  • Use alarm clocks. When the alarm goes off, then it means that it is time to sleep now and within 5 minutes you have to sleep.
  • One hour before going to sleep, all types of running, jumping and games should be stopped.
  • When you are putting them to sleep, lower the lighting in the room and tell them stories.
  • Pat his back and until he/she sleeps keep patting him/her.
  • Sleep with your child.
  • Play his favorite story on the tape recorder.
  • Even after all this if your child is still showing tantrums, then start to tell him new stories.
  • At the end of the day let him run around so that he gets physically tired.
  • Sometimes both of you should see pictures, which after seeing them; his mind calms down and he starts to fall asleep slowly.
When your child has gone to sleep, it is more important to see how he has gone to sleep. If he goes to sleep at the same time both in the day and at night, then he becomes prepared mentally. A child’s mind is in such a state before sleep that whatever you say to it, it accepts by listening to it with great focus. Talk about your childhood with your child. During this time speak of the various pros and cons to him as if you are telling a story. He will remember all this with great importance, and when he grows up, he will try to use the pros with vigor.

If you pray this time, your child will also learn this good quality. Your will not go to sleep just by closing its eyes. Their ears remain active for a long time even after their eyes have closed. So do not stop your story when you see your child’s eyes closed.

Mom’s Question: My 10-month-old child does not want to sleep in the morning. During the day he does not sleep for more than half an hour.

Psychiatrist's Answer: Both children and parents need small naps. Babies need a 1-hour nap in the morning and 1-2 hours nap in the evening.  Children who are between 1-2 years old, most of them do not sleep in the morning, but it is necessary to sleep in the afternoon. Babies cannot be put to sleep by force.  But if special steps are taken, then they will sleep. These are as follows-
  • Lie down and sleep with your child.
  • At that time stop the tendency to do any work. Your child will gradually get habituated to it.
  • Let him sleep in any place of the house. Make him a small box housekeeping a door to it of course. You will observe that slowly he will start to go into the house timely and fall asleep. It can be that your child wants to play some more and then he will fall asleep. Then let him play.
  • If your baby starts to sleep immediately in the afternoon, then in the night he will go to sleep in the night early. If this is done, then those parents who arrive at home late will observe that their child tire early in the evening. They cannot spend time properly with their parents. So it is best to put them to sleep in such times that after sometimes waking up from their sleep they will find their parents.  Also, in this way, they will not feel tired.
Mom’s Question: My 13 months old daughter goes to sleep at 11 pm and wakes up at 7 am. During the daytime, she sleeps for only 45 minutes. How long should she sleep?

Psychiatrist's Answer: At this age babies normally sleep 11-12 hours. So in comparison, your baby is sleeping a bit less. But after sleeping for such a long time, he looks as if he has had enough rest, and then there is nothing for you to worry about it.  But if he looks tired and wound up and has droopy eyes, he needs more sleep you should understand.

Sleeping Times For Different Ages

duration of sleep for child

Sleeping at 11 pm is a bit late for your baby to sleep. Habituating him to sleep earlier is good. Try to find a specific time to put him to him to sleep so that you can take some time out where you will benefit.

Mom’s Question: Our 4-year-old child does not sleep until we go to sleep. Often he stays up until 12 midnight. He gets up late in the morning. How do I put him to sleep without forcing him?

Psychiatrist's Answer: This is the most common complaint we receive. This is happening due to changes in his life. When a child goes to sleep late, it means that he wants to spend some more time with his mother. But this does not mean that he does not want to sleep. I have observed that those parents who are busy a lot, their children want to spend more time with their parents.

If you want your child to sleep at night, then let him play in the afternoon so that he becomes tired. Start one hour from his sleeping time. Start telling stories, sing a song for him and take him in your arms. In this way try to put him to sleep. Every night try putting him to sleep at a certain time, then, later on, he will become habituated.

Mom’s Question: My young daughter does not want to sleep. Her father works in the NAVY. I do not understand what I should do alone. After birth, the first three years her father was at home.

Psychiatrist's Answer: When there is a sudden change in the home, child’s sleep gets hampered. It is normal for a child to stay awake when her parents have suddenly become separated from each other. For those women whose husbands work in the military, they must sleep with their baby or child in the same bed. First, put him to sleep then do other work. When it is time for you to sleep, you can out your baby in another bed.

Mom’s Question: Can babies oversleep? My baby is 3 months old. Every 4 ½ hours I wake him and give him milk. Is this normal?

Psychiatrist's Answer: Babies sleep in various styles. Those who the calm type they sleep calmly. Those who are active they wake up repeatedly. Sometimes sleeping too many; hampers the babies’ growth. By growth, we mean the development of physical growth, mental growth and emotional growth. Babies will cry and in this way they will call you towards them.

It is in this way, they will be connected with their mother. But it is not right to sleep excessively. Wake your child every 3 hours and give him milk. Let him stay awake at night. Take him to a doctor regularly and check his weight whether it is static or increasing. Since your babies’ demand is less naturally his demand for food is also less. Thus wake him regularly and feed him. Maintain physical touch with your baby along with giving enough food.

Those babies that have more demand they cry naturally by themselves. They do this to attract attention for fulfilling their demands.  But those babies that sleep keep on sleeping. So give that baby as much attention as you can.

Mom’s Question: My three years old fights with me when I tell him to go to bed.  He does not go to sleep before 10 pm. In this way, I become tired.

Psychiatrist's Answer: You have to try one hour before the time of sleep with your child. When the atmosphere is ready for sleep, only then will they go to sleep. Such as-
  • Get your child tired by letting him play
  • Before it is time for him to sleep, chat with him. Give him light food, you do not need to sing.
  • Every day try to put your child to sleep at the same stipulated time.
  • Dim the lights of your house, pray with him alongside you; he will fall asleep within 20-30 minutes.
  • Before going to bed, make sure he is quiet him.
  • Tell him such a story that he falls asleep.
  • Give him some conditions. The conditions can be such as “if you close your eyes I will tell you a story”.

Scientific Weight Loss Tips: Most Of The Weight Loss Programs Are Not Scientific

Many people do a lot of works to lose their weight; some even go overboard by doing it in absurd ways. Some exercise and some walk both in the morning and in the evening and some do jogging. To reduce your body’s excess weight all these are very important and you have to do all these. But apart from these, there are some scientific weight loss tips by which you can reduce your weight. According to food experts, control of food intake is the main way by which you can keep your weight under control. However, there are other reasons that might seem awkward to us. 

There are a lot of different myths in circulation with regards to weight loss. Some methods are literally unscientific. By trying to follow these unscientific methods, many people instead of losing weight have fallen sick. Not only is their aim not achieved but it is rather a waste of money and time. Also most important of all damaging to your physical and mental health. 

Most of the diet and weight loss programs do not have any scientific basis. A new study has found the same. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the United States have said this. After analyzing about 4,200 incidents which are both commercially and conventionally acceptable methods they have come to such a conclusion. There are quite a few programs that have any scientific basis behind their success story.

scientific weight loss tips

Surveyor head of Johns Hopkins University of Medicine and weight loss expert Dr. Kimberly says “I thought that traditional methods of diet and weight loss methods have already been widely and scientifically researched. The study of Dr. Kimberly has been published in the 6th April issue of Annuls of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Kimberly thinks that weight loss types of equipment or materials only work for a particular package. These methods have not been proven on overall effectiveness. However, he has expressed satisfaction at the thought that with diet and loss programs more research is being done than before. On the other hand, since doctors recommend the use of such materials to their patients, so more research is needed on the subject.

According to a study, it has been seen that in all America, out of all the 32 weight loss programs, only 11 have any scientific causality. It is mentioned along with the instruments of weight loss that how much weight you will by using which equipment in a week. But in actual reality, there is no reliability to these statements which are mentioned on the equipment. Out of all these programs, only 2 have been able to fulfill the highest scientific standards. It is worth mentioning here that both diet and weight loss programs and subjects gross a total of 2.5 billion dollars business a year. The size of this trade is snowballing day by day. The reason being, obesity has become quite a big problem in the country. Almost two-thirds American adults weigh more than what they supposed to usually weigh. All these use some kind of weight loss programs, no matter which one.

If you really want to lose weight, then you should consider the scientific methods to achieve weight loss. A total of 22 scientific weight loss tips is given below-

22 Scientific Weight Loss Tips

Drink A Lot Of Water Before You Eat : Scientists always claim that drinking of water helps to reduce weight. They do not claim falsely. By drinking of water, the metabolism in our body enhances by 24-30% and for 1 to 1½ hours that helps to burn some calories in your body. It has been seen in a research we should drink a ½ liter of water before 30 minutes of taking a meal, which helps to burn calories as well as reduces weight by 44%.

Have An Egg For Breakfast : By having an egg for breakfast, as well as keeping your calories levels low it also helps to reduce fat in your body. Many people think that eating the white part of an egg is helpful for your health. But in a new study, scientists have said that it is necessary to eat both the yolk and the white part of the egg to lose weight. In other words, eat the whole egg. But it has to be eaten at breakfast time. The study also shows that instead of consuming cereals at breakfast if you have egg then it helps to reduce some extra fat in your body.

Drink Black Coffee : Drinking good quality black coffee will give you plenty of antioxidants which help to reduce your body fat. Researchers have shown that the amount of caffeine in coffee contains in effect boosts the metabolism in our body by 3-11% and burns extra fat in our body by 10-29%. Just make sure that the smoke coming out of your mug is of black coffee. In other words, try to drink coffee without milk and as little sugar as possible.

black coffee

Keep Your Food Plate Small : The idea is a bit strange but it really works. Scientists say that if the plate is kept small on which you have your meals, it helps to reduce the excess fat in your body. How?
The reason being is that if you eat on a small plate, your psychological thinking will be such that the plate is not small but instead you will feel or rather think that there are a lot of foods on the plate. So with this thinking whatever you eat, you will eat with satisfaction. Thus, excess fat will not accumulate in your body.

Keep The Temperature Low : There are many people who use the heater at night in a cold winter. If you keep the heater temperature slightly low, the excess weight will reduce to some extent. According to a report published in the Diabetes journal, when the body temperature drops down, the process of brown fat deposition in your body is carried out smoothly and fully.  This special type of tissue in your body produces heat and helps to reduce some weight.

Paint Your Wall Blue In Color : If you can give your walls a blue color and most important of all if you can paint it yourself, then you will be somewhat narrow at the waist.
Here the issue is more of a mental nature. For example, McDonalds and KFC have their walls painted a mixture of red, yellow and orange. Such color boosts your hunger. Blue color creates the opposite effect. So in other words, on your walls at home if you paint them blue or if your meal plate is blue, then you will surely start to eat less than before, thus resulting in weight loss.

Enjoy Sunshine : Even though, it is not good to expose your body in the sun always. But biologists in many studies have said that plenty of sunlight is enough to reduce your body weight. Michael Jemel, a researcher at the Institute of Nutrition at the University of Tennessee says that the reduction of Vitamin D in your body starts the secretion of a hormone called calcitriol which helps to accumulate excess fat in your body. 

Remove Digital Curtains From Your Bedroom : If you keep your smartphone, mobiles, and laptops off when you are sleeping, then it is possible to keep your weight under control. A study published in the Journal of Pediatric Obesity reported that children who continue to use mobile or tabs when they are sleeping in bed, they tend to grow up to be obese.

Soft Music While Having Meals : While having your meals, if there is light music in the background, it can help to reduce weight. The researchers explained the situation in such that by listening to soft music, you will chew slowly and thus in effect you will eat less. So, gradually you will eat less and thus your weight will not increase.

Keeping Healthy By Drinking Green Tea : Green tea is very helpful for your body. In addition to being helpful, green tea has an ample amount of antioxidant which helps immensely to reduce body fat.

Avoid Taking Too Much Sugar : Everyone knows that it is a common fact that sugar makes you grow fat. So, it is wise to keep excess sugar away from your diet. Besides, beverages have a lot of sugar which is quite risky to drink.

Keep A Tab On What You Are Eating : The reason to keep a tab on what you are eating is because you will realize what and how much you are eating. This will ultimately increase your awareness of the amount of food you are consuming. It will also help you to receive nutritious foods in your daily meal intakes.

Keep Food With You : Many people think that staying without food will reduce weight. This is a wrong misconception. One must eat but in a controlled way. In this way, the moment you feel hungry, you start to that eat whatever you get or find in front of you. Most of the time, those food are not healthy food. That is why it is necessary to keep healthy foods with you so that whenever you feel hungry, you will not have to eat unhygienic and unhealthy foods.

Comfort In Spicy And Hot Foods : You can start to eat a little spicy or pepper in your meals. It helps to digest your food.

Exercise : Exercise does not only give you mental and physical well being but it also gives you the ability to burn unnecessary calories. Regularly go for light exercise. Even walking for half an hour can be considered as one type of exercise.

Weight Lifting : When you go on a diet, your muscles become weak. In this case, you can take the help of weight lifting.

weight lifting

Fruits And Vegetables : Reduce your other intake and try to start and increase your fruits and vegetable intakes. In this way, a good number of calories in your food will automatically reduce. This is more effective in reducing weight than high energy foods.

Chew Your Food Slowly : Many a time, we do not chew our foods properly and swallow it down. By doing this, our brain cannot keep a tab on our hunger, so most of the time the brain sends a signal to our stomach that it is time to eat as it is hungry.

Ample Amount of Sleep : Till now we knew that if we slept then we became fat. But modern science tells us that having not enough sleep results in obesity. So we should have the proper amount of sleep.  

Reduce Crazy Eating : To many people’s eating is like a form of the craze. If you always think of eating, then the risk of getting fat increases. In addition, drop the habit of drooling over unhealthy and junk foods and eating them the moment you see them.

Consume Protein Inclusive Foods : When you have protein inclusive foods, you not only reduce calories but start to intake less amount of calories.

Finish Your Whole Meal : To stay without food is quite uncomfortable. Even though you want to reduce weight, finish your food and have foods of the same elements. Try to avoid those foods that have various elements. If you want to reduce weight, the first thing you need to do is to remain healthy.

Closing Note : Be alert and stay away from unscientific and false belief. This will not only reduce your weight but keep you also healthy at the same time. Keep in mind that to reduce weight does not mean to become skinny, but it is also necessary to keep some sort of balance between the two.

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Signs And Symptoms Of Schizophrenia Mental Disorder

schizophrenia mental disorder

Schizophrenia is a brain related critical mental disease. Due to the structural and chemical changes in the brain, various signs and symptoms of Schizophrenia develop.
People with Schizophrenia have a high risk to commit suicide. In comparison to normal people, Schizophrenia affected people have a 50% higher risk to commit suicide. This is a quite dangerous matter.
Schizophrenia can create severe pressure on both the patient and the patient’s family. In most of the cases, it creates severe obstacles in the normal development of a person. This disease strikes the feeling of the patients’ identity. It hampers the completion of studies and also spoils any plans for the future.

Schizophrenia: Social Development

Schizophrenia disease destroys a young life. It happens for the development of diseases at different stages. This disease keeps away a person from another person and creates the barrier in the relationship. As a result, personality development obstructs.
It harms a person’s social development, creates repentance, damages organizational efficiency perishes workmanship and hampers the economic plan. This disease also puts the family relations at risk. This results in separation from the spouse.
This disease is devastating. It attracts a person towards alcohol and creates eagerness to abuse drugs. The person loses his home. He loses face in the society and becomes a laughing stock, thus increasing the risk for suicide.

If schizophrenia is untreated for a long time, the patients’ social development stops there forever. This disease can transform into more harmful and dangerous forms. There is evidence by researches that treatment of schizophrenia should not be lay over. Otherwise, it becomes harsher. This also makes the patient unwilling to take treatment.
In Schizophrenia mental disorder, the psychosis that is clear cut is one type of poison. This poison destroys the brain in a person.

signals of schizophrenia

When treated in the initial stage, an even complicated disease can be overcome. In this way, the patient has a fair chance of becoming well. But, schizophrenia, if left untreated for a long time then the symptoms takes a long time to diminish. Healing time of the disease decreases. And the possibility of re-stacking increases.

Researches reveal that Schizophrenia can stay for as long as 3 years. Research also proves that acute psychosis originates in the brain. By having an appropriate treatment, it can be at a standstill for more than a year or longer. The lives of both young and youth get fatally affected if the symptoms of acute psychosis are not seen. So the process of our health systems needs to update. When a person gets infected by this disease, utmost importance is to be given so that his life goes to no purpose. Also at the same time, both the public and private sector consider taking action to fix this.

Schizophrenia: Drug Abuse

Alcohol, tobacco, heroin, phensidyl, marijuana etc do not give birth to schizophrenia. But there are some drugs that enhance the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia. The psychotic episode takes place when a person commits acts of incitement. This happens when he is already affected by schizophrenia.
On the other hand, signs and symptoms of schizophrenia are seeable even in a completely healthy person.

Schizophrenia: Nutritional Doctrine

If you have schizophrenia, it is imperative that you consume enough nutritional food. The lack of vitamins does not occur for schizophrenia disease. So treating schizophrenia patients with high power vitamins does not mean it goes away. There is no such evidence for this.
But in a few rare cases, schizophrenia patients who took vitamins showed some improvement on a small scale. But of course, this can be due to consumption of temporary antipsychotic medicines. Again, it can be due to consumption of good food. Also, there are vitamins and therapeutic management, by which sometimes patients get well.

Or, these types of patients can be a part of such a group that has already been relieved. No matter whatever the treatment process helped them in curing this disease. But this does not happen for all patients and all the time.
Schizophrenia is a complicated mental disease. When a person gets this disease, he loses his conscious, ideas and intelligence. All these become fragile. Quick diagnose and early treatment can reduce the level of the position to a great extent. Recurrence or the possibility of getting the disease also reduces. When the disease comes again, the patient is rushing towards the deadly high-risk condition. In this deadly risk condition, there are many obstacles, interruptions, and turmoil. This patient’s story is really very tragic.

impact of schizophrenia

None of us want a ruinous end for the patient. We do not want that, along with the patient’s beautiful family also withers away with him too. We want the patient to heal, patient’s happiness, patients’ family to be in peace. So, we all have to urge a schizophrenia infected person to convince him to take treatment. We have to make the necessary arrangements for the treatment. This system will bring well-being for the society. It will also create a beautiful environment for the patient and his family.

Deformation Of The Nervous System

Schizophrenia is a mental deformation of the nervous system. More often than not, schizophrenia usually affects the youth. Schizophrenia corrupts the understanding power in a person. People with schizophrenia sometimes cannot understand the difference between reality and fantasy. As a whole, this disease starts from the age between 16 and 25 years. But it can occur at any age.

Schizophrenia disease is just like any other medical illness but it is not a rare disease. No one is safe from this disease. All over the world, this disease can affect anyone in all nations, in all races, in all communities. In the whole world, schizophrenia disease affects 1 out of every 100 people. In Canada, approximately 300,000 thousand people are affected by schizophrenia. Both males and females are equally infected by this disease.

Signs And Symptoms Of Schizophrenia

When a person gets infected by schizophrenia, it seems like that he has become a different person. The disease’s severity and fierceness of the symptoms remove the person from his personality.
Yet, many say that schizophrenia infected people are also infected by social anxiety disorder and tend to remove themselves from the society. Also, they do not care for their personal cleanliness and hygiene. Besides, they behave weirdly and speak without logic. Sometimes they suffer from depression and sit down in a corner day after day, for several days. He doesn’t like anything. He removes himself from society, where he creates a completely different world for himself. The patient does not talk with anyone nor does he want to speak with anyone. He is always deep in his thoughts oblivious to his surroundings.

The following are a few but important primary signals of schizophrenia-
  • Either the patient cannot sleep or sleeps a lot. Some patients sleep the whole day and do not want to leave the bed. The patient becomes angry when to go to wake him up. Some patients wash their faces and eat their breakfast on the bed and again go back to sleep. There are some patients who are unable to sleep and they stay awake long into the night. Sleep does not come to them easily, and when they do sleep, it is only for a short time.
  • The patient keeps himself separate from everyone and does not mix with anyone. He does not speak with anyone, even with his own family members. He does not talk at all.
  • The patient breaks up all sort of relation with the society.
  • Married life becomes a disaster. When the husband is sick, the wife does not get the love she wants from her husband. But, when the wife is sick, the husband does not go anywhere near her. Married life slowly becomes a misery. Married life becomes uncertain from this point onward.
  • The patient becomes inert. His movement comes to a standstill. Wherever he sits down, he stays sitting down. Wherever he stands, he wants to keep standing there.
  • The patient cannot focus or put the mind to on anything.
  • The patient cannot think a solution to a simple problem.
  • The patient starts to believe in secret or concealed things. His/her belief in black magic increases.
  • The patient begins to write and draw lots of gibberish things those have no meaning. Whenever he finds a pen and paper, he starts to write and keeps on writing. These writings are haphazard in nature which has no meaning. When other people see his writings and drawings cannot understand a single thing. What the patient is trying to say or what is he trying to express, everything is unclear.
  • A person’s main personality goes to change.
  • The patient loses memory.
  • If anyone criticizes the patient, he cannot tolerate it at all. Many times when someone shows the patient’s fault, he does not take it in an easy way. He thinks that he is being criticized. Sometimes when he cannot withstand the criticism anymore, he gets into arguments. At other times, he starts saying bad things, and at times he uses foul language. Also, when he feels that the criticism has crossed his limits he assaults on others.

schizophrenia mental disorder

  • When he feels happy, he is unable to express his feelings. He does not cry, but when does, he keeps crying for a long time. Where the patient needs to laugh, he does not laugh. Where it will look like a fool to laugh, schizophrenia infected patients laugh at that moment. Whenever he hears any sound, he shows his reaction. If he sees the light, he becomes aggressive.
  • He becomes senseless, he makes weird physical jesters. He cannot withstand anything or anyone touching him. He shaves his head and also shaves all his body. Sometimes he cut his body by himself, injures himself. He keeps staring with a single glance and by doing so looks like a stupid fool.

Normal Impact Of Schizophrenia

2 million American adults are infected with schizophrenia disease. They are suffering from a higher ratio of schizophrenia. World Health Organization (WHO) has placed schizophrenia as one of the top 10 life threatening diseases. From this, we can understand how much this disease is widespread and life threatening.
But hopefully, we can say that schizophrenia is a treatable and preventable disease. If treated properly this disease, the bad sides of the disease reduce to a great extent. As a result, the patient returns to the life he knew before being infected.

Biological And Scientific Impact Of Schizophrenia

The exact reason for schizophrenia is still unknown. Research has proven that there are two main reasons doubly responsible for this disease. One of them is hereditary and the other environment. Hereditary schizophrenia plays a big role in the creation of the disease.
If any or both parents bear schizophrenia, there is a big chance that their children will have the disease. In some cases, when one brother has the disease, the other brother has a good chance of getting it. But this risk is higher where there are twins. The environment and its various elements also help play a role in getting schizophrenia.

Two brains have been compared that are with schizophrenia and the other without schizophrenia. Their brain structure and difference in activity is crystal clear. Schizophrenia gene is not caused by the schizophrenia. But the patient is rendered helpless with regards to the revelation of the symptoms. For this helplessness, some people, due to the environment of some especial place, have the risk of being attacked than those who do not have schizophrenia.

Emotional Impact Of Schizophrenia

Parents, whose children are affected by schizophrenia, suffer from one type of guilt and regret. Because they feel that somehow they are responsible for their child has schizophrenia. Thus, parents suffer from confusion, hopelessness, and helpless during this time. They also feel ashamed, annoyed and lonely. Schizophrenia affected parents when they involve their children with their thoughts, they feel insecure. As a result, their psychological balance may be in turmoil.

Social Impact Of Schizophrenia

The person, who is affected by schizophrenia, cannot perform many social duties properly. These include job, taking care of his health, maintaining relationship etc. Family members cannot take schizophrenia patients anywhere with them. The reason is that they feel ashamed and afraid that if in front of people the patient starts behaving weird.

This problem tends not to be for young adults only but it can also happen to their parents also. As the young turn into adults, this is not only their problem but also it is a problem for their parents also. Thus, they suffer from some kind of confusion and regret. The young see that their parents are different from other parents.

Those who have a relation with a schizophrenia patient do not want to take them along anywhere. For example, when they go to a dinner or to a party, they suffer from one type of tension. That is if the patient behaves in such a way that they fear they will feel awkward in front of others.
Their partner remains fearful. Fearful of the fact, that if they create a scene in front of everyone, then she/he will be exceedingly ashamed.

A schizophrenia patient who is also a husband for no reason starts to laugh out loudly at a party or a gathering. But she can do it, even though no jokes or anything funny happened at that time. How will the other people react who were at the party is a matter of a question? Again, it can happen that the patient argues in an erroneous matter with any guest for his disbelief. There is no reason for this at all. He also suspects everyone presented at the party. He keeps saying that everyone is targeting him.

Imagine how much ashamed his girlfriend or wife must feel. The family of a schizophrenia patient passes a complicated and tough time. Just think about it for a minute. How it must feel, whose husband or wife is a schizophrenia patient? How tough it must be for that couple with regards to their mental condition.

Actually, whatever the patient does or wants to do, it is not done on purpose. But rather it is because of the disease. It is as if the disease is obligating them to do such weird things. This is actually not the fault of the patient. The patient’s family has to understand the issue. The best way to understand the issue is to read books and magazines on schizophrenia. The more information you have the more you will know about schizophrenia. As you read more the better idea you will have about the patient. Also, it will prepare you better to understand the conditions of the patient and the disease. Thus, the more information you have, the better it will be for you to make the necessary arrangements. In this way, it will make it easier for you to look after the patient.

Schizophrenia Changes A Person

Just like other diseases, you can see some signs and symptoms of schizophrenia. In some people, schizophrenia occurs only once in their whole life. In others, it occurs more than once. Those who have recurring schizophrenia get well and lead a normal life. Surprisingly this can happen between the beginning and the end of the disease. For some others, the dangerous symptoms remain all their lives.

In Australia from 2001-2002, 10.8% in every 10,000 people were admitted to hospital. They took treatment in government hospitals. The figure is much higher in private hospitals. Once a person is ill with schizophrenia, he/she either goes to a hospital for admission or go to a clinic or straight to the doctor in the chamber for treatment. Wherever the treatment is, it is imperative that you get it on a regular basis. It is seen that those who get treatment have the cure much faster, in comparison to others.

Schizophrenia is always involved in the changing of the persons’ personality and capability. The disease gains full control of the patient. Family members see that their well-known son or daughter or spouse is no longer the same as before. The person has somewhat changed. As a result, the family befalls one type of enormous peril. The family cannot come to terms by far with the reality that their beloved one has become ill with such a disease. So, the peace and harmony of the family start to deteriorate.

A schizophrenia patient becomes unknown to his known ones. The patient’s direct problems come out in the open in various ways. The patient is in a dilemma in understanding which is practical and which one is fiction. A person who is sick with schizophrenia always withdraws himself from others. The reason being due to the increase in the symptoms, he can no longer live as a healthy and normal person. During this time, the patient starts to lose his ebb- in work, ability and expertise. Failing to create and maintain relationships. Also, there is a deficiency on personal hygiene and his health starts to deteriorate.

Remarkable Changes In Schizophrenia 

A person’s remarkable change is the best way to identify that he has schizophrenia. At the beginning, the changes in the person are flimsy, meaningless, feckless and ignored. But at a certain time, it becomes as clear as daylight to his family members, friends, relatives, classmates, co-workers, and neighbors. It soon becomes clear to everyone that the person has some problems. During this time a few over enthusiastic people start to make various observations. They start to make comments and some even give advice, on how the patient is quiet and angry.

But those who are aware of the disease can understand that the person has some mental problems. Thus, they can see that the changed person has become passionless and emotionless. He has become heartless with no mercy of any kind. He has lost enthusiasm, motivations, and eagerness. The person withdrawn himself, he has transformed himself into a lifeless being.

As his mind and mood change, he speaks in a weird way about things. He starts crying for no reason or laughs without any reason. He starts to shout and makes weird and curious body posture, etc.
Mindful people after observing such changes tell the parents to take the sick person to a doctor. Those families that pay heed to the advice; they take the changed person to the doctor. They arrange for the doctor’s treatment and listen to his advice.

Those families that do not give any importance and delay, they start their own treatment. These usually do not have any scientific basis. A person, who is aware of mental diseases, also takes steps to make others aware of the disease. A person who is sick with schizophrenia, his thoughts and concerns are in deep disorder. These are like, hindrances in clear thoughts. They cause disruptions in his responses, his thinking and thoughts slow down.

So, either his thoughts come in lightning speeds or cannot think at all. The patient shifts from one subject to another in an instant. He is in deep confusion, as he cannot take any simple decisions. He is always suffering from delusions which have no essence. Some believe that someone is either following them or observing them. Others think that there are some people who are conspiring against him. The patient thinks that he is quite tough and he is capable of doing anything and he is safe from any danger. He believes that he is invincible. Some even think that they have come to earth for a special purpose. They have come to fix all the problems of the world that exist today. A schizophrenia patient gets all kinds of junk information to his head. The patient’s eyes, ears, nose, skin and taste buds seem to be all in confusion.

mental disord schizophrenia

So whatever the patient sees, listens, smells or anything he comes into contact, it is true for him. But in fact, they have no actuality. We all know this as a hallucination.
Schizophrenia patients often hear other peoples’ voices. Sometimes these voices are denouncing and sometimes they are threatening. Invisible voices order the patient like “kill yourself or jump from the roof”. The scary part of these instructions is that the patient follows them to the letter. A schizophrenia patient’s oversight vision is seen in a lot of ways. The patient can see that there is a door, but in actuality no door exists even. He can see that a lion or a tiger or some relative who has died long time ago, all of a sudden appears in front of him. But no solid evidence can be found.

The patient can be sensitive to sound, taste, and smell. The sound of a phone will feel like a high pitched sound. The sound of the voices of his dear ones will seem like threatening barks of dogs to his ears. The mess of the nervous system is a fundamental aspect of schizophrenia. In 94% of schizophrenia patients, feeling disorder problems is present. The patient’s memory starts to get damaged. The level of normal cautiousness decreases. His sense of judgment is on the fritz. The inability to solve problems and planning things starts to grow as time goes by.

Patient And Family

A person who is sick with schizophrenia starts to show indiscipline in his family. During this time, the parents say such things which have no meaning. Some families get devastated even after trying their level best.
When parents find out that their child is unwell with schizophrenia, they feel pain and guilt. During this time, the family members feel unhappy and confused. They get irritated and angry for everything and lose hope for all things. They feel guilty, suffers from grieve and start crying without saying anything. They become immobile from fatigue, and fall sick from shame.
Some family members express their reaction in the following ways-

Greif: We feel in such a way as if our child has got missing.

Uneasiness: We are fearful to leave him alone or fearful to give him pain in any way.

Panic : We always stay in a state of panic to whether he will hurt himself or harm others.

Shame And guilt: We feel guilty whether we have done something wrong. What will people say about us?

Bitterness: Why did this have to happen to us?

Anger Or Rancor: It is as if all the family members are busy with the patient.

Depression: Apart from crying, we have nothing to do.

Denial Of The Disease Completely: This cannot happen to our family.

Blaming Each Other: If you were a good parent…..

Marital Unrest: our relationship is becoming stale.

Weight Loss: Our health has deteriorated somewhat.

Unrest: There is no more peace and harmony in our family as before.

The families of such patients often comment as above while dealing with the patient. In actual fact, these are quite difficult times for both the patient and their families. During this time, along with the patient, his family also needs counseling. This will result in some comfort for the family members.

Closing Note

Even though schizophrenia is a complex, hard to cure, still its future is bright. With the proper medications and treatment light at the end of the tunnel can be seen. Yet, treatment should not be unscientific. But rather it should be scientific and it should be proper treatment. Delay of Treatment for schizophrenia disease can create indiscipline in life and suicidal thoughts in brain. This is also applicable for the patient’s family and the society as a whole, which no one desires.
If you have this article to know and let others to know about schizophrenia, please share this with your friends and family.

Mental Health Case Studies About Psychosomatic Sexual Disorder

mental health case studies

As a psychiatrist, I got a lot of mental health case studies about all types of mental problems by observing my patients. Here are 3 case studies about Psychosomatic Sexual Disorder you will like I hope.

Mental Health Case Studies-1: Charlie’s Psychosomatic Sexual Problem

Charlie Brown, age 18 years and by profession is a student. He is doing his O’levels. Charlie’s socio-economic background labels classify him as an upper-class family son. For the past three years, he has been affected by psychosomatic sexual problems. Before going into full details, we need to have an idea of the symptoms of his mental and physical problems.

Since childhood, his parents did not like it that he used to mix with the other kids of his locality. Even so, they often forbade him to play outside with the other kids. His daily life was well endowed as it circled around the atmosphere of studying at home and spending time with his family members. The time when he was supposed to be a happy going kid and playing, it was the opposite for him. As a result, he gradually came to accept the present atmosphere at his home and sometimes fell into depression.

When this depression started it was observed that along with losing sleep he started feeling nervous. One of his major physical symptoms was severe long lasting headaches and problems in the digestion of food. Charlie has the problem of the family history of depression. In various times, his family members have been affected by depression. Whenever Charlie falls into depression he seems to want to go out with his friends.

It is also seen that at most these gatherings with his friends, it was he that used to bear most of the expenses. His family often complained of spending so much money by Charlie with his friends. This was a big matter with his parents, as they were always indeed on the edge of their nerves. What is the source of the money that he spends with his friends?

The answer to this question from his family and accepted by Charlie is endless stealing from his father. He spends all the money with his friends. But, his parents are steadfast with the fact that, Charlie does not take any drugs. This tendency of stealing by Charlie started when he was grade nine. His parents are of the notion that maybe some of his friends sometimes prompted and gave him the enthusiasm to steal.

The other mental symptoms of Charlie are talking less, excitement without reason, breaking home appliances, being afraid of anything, apathy to food etc. He starts getting angry suddenly and beat up people for no reason at all, etc.

Besides these symptoms, he becomes constantly tense in mental. He also suspects his parents in all matters. This suspecting habit has created a paranoid personality in him. Due to this, he has reached such diverse psychosomatic and physical problems. The most dangerous problem in the case of Charlie is a psychosomatic sexual problem.

In comparison to Charlie’s age, he is tremendously attracted to sex. He has not yet had any physical relation or sexual intercourse with any girl. His parents believe that, even though he has one type of vast interest in sex, he is inherently fearful of sex. The first time his interest in sex was visible when his mother found some porno magazines and videos in his room. When she asked her son why he got these things to home, he casually replied that he liked them and he would continue to bring and seen them every day.

In the beginning, his dad and mom used to administer him strictly. As time went by, they stopped telling Charlie anything about the matter. After this, his interest to see both pornography and porno videos increased alarmingly. He started seeing pornography in front of other family members anytime. In this way, he became affected by one type of addiction to watching pornography. Besides this, he develops one type of lust to any of the girls’ body that comes his home. For example, he desires to see the body of her sister friend’s that came to his house for a visit.

At one point, this matter got out of hand. His other relatives, especially the girls stopped coming to his house. One day it was also seen that he expressed his desire to see the nude body of his sister’s friend. When he failed in doing so he got insulted. Then, later on, he wanted to see his sister naked. When he was refused, he became angry and beaten up his sister to fulfill his desire.

When his psychosomatic sexual problem reaches such a stage, his parents are compelled to take him and consult a doctor. Charlie’s problem is long-term mental pressure, history of depression, and psychosomatic sexual problem. Charlie is being considered for appropriate and urgent treatment.

Understanding Charlie’s Mental State

The subject that the mental evaporators are most concerned in the case of Charlie is as follows-

He has a family history of depression. It is also necessary to find out at first if there is anyone else in the family who is sexually perverted.

Often, these case studies reveal that if any person in the family is sexually perverted, the possibility remains that another in the next generation will also be sexually perverted. Though this does not follow any genetic code, the mental evaporators feel that family and surrounding atmosphere are responsible for this perversion.

Those persons, who are psycho-sexually affected, do not want to enjoy the matter of sex. They rather enjoy the matter of sex in such a way that seems to be perverted in a normal person’s view. A male or a female who is affected by a psychosomatic sexual problem, his or her sex life is really erroneous and truly without any taste and passion.

In Charlie’s case, his family history of depression is mainly responsible for his mental problem. By chronic and prolonged mental evaluation, his mindset can be analyzed. The different stages of his mental state can be brought under control.

Medical Management For Charlie's Problem

Many times, this type of psychosomatic sexual problem is better treated by insight-oriented psychotherapy than by prescribing medicines. Mellaril, pernet, and narvil, in some cases, may bring about changes in the heart and mind of the patient. Recently arriving projak is also playing a vital role in this type of psychosomatic problem.

Mental Health Case Studies-2: Samanta Laizu’s Nymphomaniac Problem

Miss Laizu, aged 23 years old, a single young lady. Presently she is a candidate in the intermediate level. Her continuity in her studies has been hindered for the past three years. She is mentally suffering from the Nymphomaniac or psychosomatic sexual problem.

Since childhood, she was quite fussy. In the language of psychiatry, it is called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Her habit of fussiness has been going on for quite a long time now. Often it is seen that she shows disinterest while taking her food in her daily meals. In comparison to her age, her physical structure was normal. At the beginning, she was a good student. Her family was in the idea that Laizu was maybe involved in such an affair that she made her often careless at home. But they never could understand the matter clearly.

Most of the time Laizu’s mother and sisters observed that Laizu was alone in her room. During that time the door and windows would remain closed. The first time before her exams, her mother found her busy in masturbation. The moment she became aware of this matter, she was always tense and from then on most of the time tried to keep an eye on her. Of course after this incident, for quite a long time, this matter of Laizu was undetected. After her exams, suddenly Laizu became more interested in staying alone. It is found that she was spending more time alone for most of the day in her room.

As a result, her contribution to housework in the family reduced. Her relation to the other members of her family bit by bit shrunk. It is noted that Laizu, during this time, felt one type of pressing unrest, anxiety disorder, and excitement. Sometimes she experienced immense sleeping problems. Thus, she often told her mother that she could not sleep and requested her to buy some sleeping pills for her.

As Laizu has a joint family, her relatives often came to stay at her home. One day, Laizu’s sister found Laizu in an intimate position with one of their cousins. She told her mother about this and almost all of the family members knew within a very short time. Her mother reprimanded her for this matter and for a long time her no relatives came to their home. By doing this, they noticed a slight change in Laizu’s nature. It was also noticed that within a few days, Laizu again came back to her happy and normal state.

But again after some days, it was often seen that suddenly she kept silent. It was also noted that Laizu relapsed into depression for a long period. At this stage, for the first time, Laizu’s family took her to a psychiatrist. After the consultancy, her condition somewhat improved for some days.

But she was often found with an unhappy look, crying and fussiness and irritating in her nature. When such a situation was going on, one day their male servant was found engaged in intercourse with Laizu in bed. It was also noted that she was involved with the servant in perverted sexual acts. This sort of behavior from her completely surprised the family members. They found various pornographic magazines under her bed and porn videos on her laptop. They also found sex toys or vibrators and other equipment which are used to artificially stimulate the sexual parts.

This mental state of Laizu bit by bit placed her in a mentally upsetting condition. Laizu’s parents thought that if they made her married, this problem would be solved. So, they started talking about her marriage. But Laizu declined to marry. In this stage, arguments and tempers flared even more than before.

At the same time, some other symptoms of the psychosomatic sexual problem began to show in Laizu. As for example, sometimes she goes to her elder sister’s room wearing a very light night dress and proposes her brother-in-law in front of her sister to have sex with her. At other times, she engages in erotic conversations and starts to undress her in front of other men. Sometimes she requests her male relatives to hook her bra or tie the lace of her pant.

In this way, her problems were getting out of hand and she was completely into perverted sex. Her embarrassed and upset family again took her to a psychiatrist for consultation.

Understanding Laizu’s Mental State

Let us analyze Ms. Laizu’s case from a mental evaluation point of view. It is completely a problem of nymphomania or psychosomatic sexual problem. It has been found by researchers for long times that the disorders of thoughts in the brain are the main reason of the psychosomatic sexual problem. Though it has been noted that some females are sexually delirious due to genetic reasons, it is rare.

It is known from Laizu’s case study that she habituated to masturbate after she reached puberty. Most of the time, young male and female adults often fail to understand the proper usefulness of sex. They tend to want to enjoy sex in distorted ways which later on makes them permanently delirious to sex. Similarly, the same problem was noted in the case of Laizu.

Medical Management For Laizu's Problem

The treatment of this type of Nymphomaniac problem or psychosomatic sexual disorder takes a long time to be cured. The patient’s case history is taken first, and then the treatment starts.

To create the changes of bizarre and disorderly thoughts in the brain, some medicines are prescribed. Nimotop is one of them. Besides Haloperidol injection and some other antipsychotic medicines are suggested by the physician.

For some patients in some case, Electroconvulsive therapy is required. When the patient reaches to the final stages of the treatment and starts to heal, behavior therapy and insight-oriented psychotherapy are applied.

Mental Health Case Studies-3: Samira Sobhan’s Psycho-sexual Disorder

Samira Sobhan, 35 years old, married and mother of 1 child. At present, she lives in England. Her husband is out of the country for a long time. Recently her husband has taken her to England for permanently living there with him.

Samira’s problem has started while she was in high school. But none of her family knew this problem. After marriage, her problem bit by bit began to reveal. In the language of psychiatry, we call it a psycho-sexual problem or psychosomatic sexual disorder. As per Samira’s family member’s opinion, she had no problem. The problem that has seen in Samira is for Samira’s husband’s family, they think. On the other hand, Samira’s husband family blames Samira’s family, especially Samira’s mother.

By blaming each other, both families have developed some misunderstanding between them. This has become the cause of a mental difference between Samira and her husband. According to Samira’s father-in-law, Samira is a sexually perverted woman. As Samira was delirious for a long time, this matter was not revealed. As a result, it was not easy for anyone to come to know about it.

When both families were arranging their marriage, Samira’s family hid a deadly important matter from the family members of Samira’s husband. It was that Samira was the victim of a gang rape by some young boy when she was in grade 8 or grade 9. One day in rainy season, a group of boys kidnapped her while she was returning home from school. She was subdued by force for 3 days and a ransom was demanded her release by the gang.

Later on, Samira’s family got her by paying a huge amount of money as the ransom. In these 3 days, about 7 to 8 boys severally raped her in a room, every day. Even, they engaged her in the group sex for 3 to 4 times. Anyway, after being set free, Samira lost her mental balance for three to four months.

Later on, she became stable enough to get back into her normal, social and family life. Step by step, she adjusts herself to her surroundings. Ten years later, Samira’s family decided to get her married. Her parents were of the idea that by this time she had been able to forget the sad events of her past life.

But on the contrary, it has been observed that the memories of the event that took place in her childhood made her perverted about sex instead of making her afraid towards sex. Samira could not enjoy having sex if there was not more than one partner at the same time. Also, she always liked the notion of being raped while engaged in sex.

She thinks that, if she is hurt during sex, she enjoys sex even more. That is why, every time when she is going to intercourse with her husband, she tells him to give her sexual satisfaction by a rapping style. At the very beginning, her husband accepts her will and really tried to satisfy her. But it was not possible for him to do so for every time. As a result, when he started to think of it seriously, he started to mistrust her. Sometimes he thought that her wife was a prostitute before marrying him. Sometimes, he tried to console him by thinking it only a sexual perversion.

Due to such long-term pressure of psychosomatic sex problem, Samira’s taste in sex step by step became violent. As a result, their married life is now turmoil. Her husband and other relatives are in seriously fearful of the matter on a critical level. They feel that Samira, on an urgent basis, requires psychiatric treatment.

Understanding Samira’s Mental State

The age in Samira was raped was just after she reached her puberty. In some women, such sexual abuse creates a fear and hate towards sex. But in some women, it creates the opposite condition that is called a reverse sexual effect. The effects of both psychogenic and biogenic compounds have an effect on the sexually related to mental problems for many people that are created in their minds.

Just the way it has been created in Samira’s mind. After being raped, she experienced some psychosomatic changes. For having this result from that incident, she could no longer show warmth and love towards men. But on the contrary, it was more like punishment and vengeance from her point of view. At one stage, her mental condition takes her to a point of masochism.

Masochism is one type of mental problem related to sexuality. Often, this type of disease at this stage becomes difficult to diagnose. In most cases, no one can apprehend this problem for the rest of a woman’s life other than her husband or her sexual partner. Thus, in this way, a woman’s perverse problem continues eternally.

Though Samira forgot the incident within a very short time we know, it did not actually remove from her brain. The reaction of that incident was asleep and hidden in her subconscious mind. As a result, she gets sexual enjoyment having physical torture by other.

Medical Management For Samira's Problem

Haloperidol based antipsychotic type of drugs can be taken by injecting or consuming by mouth. Also, mellaril and paxil type of drugs can provide the solution to this psychosomatic sexual problem.

After taking medicines or having the pharmacotherapy, it is possible to bring changes in the psychosomatic sexual thinking. We can do this by using the psychodynamic approach. In therapeutic treatment, the most advanced therapy of this kind of problems is group therapy. This therapy can be applied to the patient in various levels.

Online Solutions For Social Anxiety Disorder

social anxiety disorder

A doctors’ ability, I believe, to communicate and maintain interpersonal skills is one of the main factors by which a patient feels secure and have faith. As a friendly psychiatrist, some patients ask me for the solutions of their mental problems over e-mail. Here are a few cases about social anxiety disorder I got by e-mail.

Social Anxiety Disorder

social phobia

Email From Aniket Prantor

Hello Doctor,
My age is 21. Sometimes I talk to myself and reply by yes and no. I am depressed and start to cry easily and become weaken when I come across girls. I feel uneasy most of the time.

I cannot focus on anything properly.

Sometimes, I suspect my parents. My shyness has no limits, as a result of which I can’t even have my meals in front of my parents or my other brothers and sisters.

I am unable to go anywhere outside for a visit or anywhere else. It is next to impossible to eat anything in front of anyone, irrespective whoever it is.

It gets even worse if that person is a girl, then it is impossible for me to eat even a morsel.

Due to shyness, I always feel awkward and feel uneasiness in my chest, etc. What can I do, doctor?
Hello Aniket,
Thanks for your mail. The name of your problem is social anxiety disorder. In your case being shy in front of your own people is evidence of the intensity of the acuteness of your problem. Due to suffering from this problem you are showing symptoms of depression. Obviously, we can see that it has increased quite a lot. In this case, you have to take long-term medicine. Along with psychotherapy, you have to continue behavior modification. Also, you will have to remain under a psychiatrist’s supervision. By consuming medicines you will get some relief but, there is no alternative to psychotherapy.

You can take tablet Venlaf 75mg, half a tablet both in the morning and evening. Take also Rivotril 0.05mg, morning and night. After 1 month only in the morning, you should take the medicine. For some results to show, you will have to wait 3-4 weeks and be patient. During this time, you have to continue psychotherapy. If any problems arise, call  and contact us.

Email From Sweety Sohan

Hello Doctor,
I am recently married and 22 years old. My husband is a high profile corporate person. I can hardly talk to him frankly, even it is necessary for family maintenance. When I have any issue to talk to him, I feel fear and my hands and legs start trembling.

Sometimes I am to go to the parties with him. But I cannot easily mix with others. I think I am not that much smart like them. So, they will laugh at me. Is there any medicine that can help me to overcome this problem?
Hello Sweety,
Thank you for your contact. Does it happen to you only with your husband and the people surrounded him? Or, you face this problem with anyone including your friends and family members? Anyway, the problem you are facing is called the social phobia.

You also have another problem that is low self esteem. But these problems are not that much critical for you to worry about. You actually do not need medicine, you need psychotherapy. Can you come to us with your husband?

Email From Emily Rosa

Hello Doctor,
I am 18 years old. My problem is excessive hesitation. I am always thinking of myself as a low-self esteem person. In my heart, I do not feel any love, happiness, emotion, excitement or enthusiasm. I always prefer to stay alone. If I could hide in some hidden unknown cave then it would be like paradise for me.

This problem I am facing for the last three years. How can I get relief from my excessive hesitation? Because of my hesitation, I am humiliated at every step of my life. Thus I do not feel like living anymore.
Hello Emily,
Thanks for your mail. You are suffering from social anxiety disorder or you can tell it a social phobia. This is quite a normal problem. It is imperative to start treatment from the start.

If you delay then getting well will take a long time. You should have consulted a doctor much earlier.

In this case, you can try taking tablet Rivotril half in the morning and a half in the night (½ +0+½). Besides you also need to take behavior modification therapy.

Email From Partha Protim

Hello Doctor,
My problems are that I am unable for dealing with loneliness and depression. As a result, my face always shows sadness.

I try to stay away from my family, easily become afraid and feel tense. Both self-confidence and braveness are on low levels. Always feel that I cannot do anything. I am a quite an emotional personal. I sometimes think and feel that I am a crazy fool. I remain depressed because of physical weakness. I am unable to speak with anyone while looking at the face. Exceptionally shy. Not able to express myself properly.

I feel somewhat selfish nowadays. If there is any alternative to psychotherapy, please let me know. For example, if I can get any benefit by reading any books or practice anything at home, etc. Please be honest in your reply and oblige me thereby.
Hello Partha,
Thanks for your mail.

After reading your e-mail, we have determined that your problem is called social anxiety disorder. This type of disease requires both medication and psychotherapy at the same time.

Basically, there is no alternative to psychotherapy. But as a self-development program, you can try out the meditation courses.

You might get some results from these courses. Many people have achieved quite good results by taking these courses as they teach you many things.

As far as medication is concerned, capsule Prodip 20mg once a day in the morning (1 + 0 + 0). Take tablet Rivotril everyday half at night (0 + 0 + ½).

Email From Joseph John

Hello Doctor,
I am a student, 19 years old. My problem is that I cannot control myself. I am very much frustrated and these days do not like anything. In one word, I cannot find happiness anywhere. My temper is always flaring thus the resultant misunderstandings with others. I am very weak and do not like food these days.

I cannot mix with people easily thus I keep avoiding people. I get headaches, and sometimes the top center part of my head feels hot. If I stand up from a sitting position I feel dizzy and my head feels numb.

I always feel that there is no difference between life and death. Thus at times I feel like committing suicide. I bought sleeping pills twice.
Hello Joseph,
Thanks for your mail.
After reading your letter it is difficult to come to a certain conclusion regarding your problems. It can either be social phobia or depression. Anyways, whatever the problem may be; besides medication you also need psychotherapy.

In your case, psychotherapy will be the best option. Under the present circumstances, you can take capsule Prodip 20 mg daily once in the morning (1 + 0 + 0). You can also take tablet Rivotril 0.5mg one in the morning and one in the night (1 + 0 + 1).
Take tablet Telagin 1mg once in the night (0+0+1). After one month, contact us and let us know your condition.

Email From Micah Sayel

Hello Doctor,
I am 28 years old. I cannot speak with people properly. Whenever I am about to speak with anyone I start to panic. But as a human being for my own needs, I have to go in front of people.

Due to this incompetence, my normal life is quite sluggish. Besides, I cannot go to places where there are a lot of people such as my relatives’ residence, college, job interview, etc.

I am under the supervision of a psychiatrist for OCD, and under his advice, I took chloroflamin 25mg. My OCD is now under control. But I cannot get relief from the above problems.

I have read in various magazines that to get rid of fear you need to apply psychotherapy, behavior modification, EMD etc. By applying such measures will my problems be solved, where can I get these treatments? How much time will be required and what is the cost of these treatments?

Would you please let me know the details of such treatments?
Hellow Micah,
Your problem is a social phobia. Basically, in this problem anxiety gets an upper hand on your mind. The patient, in fact, does not face any of his problems due to his inherent behavior. But the moment he come across such situation where others are observing his actions, such problems arise. In the case of social phobia, one can get good results. But just by taking medicines is not an advisable treatment method.

Because, besides medicinal treatment psychotherapy and similar pharmacological approaches if are not applied, the development of the patient will not be noticeable as far as the disease is concerned. For psychotherapy, you may contact us and we can refer you to some therapists in your locality. As far as medicine is concerned please take the following.

Capsule prodip 20mg daily one in the morning, tablet ipnol 2mg half in the morning and night. Side by side you should take sizonil tablet 1mg half, every day in the morning for 20 days. Even after medication for any changes to be seen, it will need at least between 2-1 month’s may be required. Continue medicine. Contact us after one month.

Email From Mahid Hasan

Hello Doctor,
I am 18 years old. Since childhood, I have been facing some mental problems. My problem is that I cannot socialize with people. If I socialize with anyone then I become incoherent or rather confused. Even so, I cannot speak with my mother or my other siblings by looking at them eye to eye I feel so shy.

I prefer to stay alone. If there is a better and smarter student than me, then I cannot socialize with him. I suffer from one kind of mental diseases. My main problem is that I cannot focus on anything.

I lack firmness in any type of work. Suppose, someone is narrating me about an incident but I am unable to focus on his story. Then again I agree without even understanding a single word what he is saying. Due to this problem, I am unable to read any newspaper or any books with patience.
Hello Mahid,
Thanks for your letter.
You are suffering from social phobia disease. Since this has become a long-term problem, some symptoms of depression sometimes have been exposed. Side by side you have some personality problems. This is called low-self esteem. As a medicine, you can take the following. Take tablet Serolux 50mg and tablet Serelam 0.5mg every morning once a day.

In the case of your problem, it is not enough to take medicines only. You also need psychotherapy. Without psychotherapy initially, you will observe some changes for the better.

But these changes will not be long lasting. Continue with the medicine, and do not stop taking them until further instructions. Contact us after one and half month’s time.

Email From Riverild Hop

Hello Doctor,
I am 20 years old. My problem is that when I am walking in front of a boy or a girl I feel nervous. I feel the style I am walking in is not good, everyone is staring at me. As a result, a difference in the walking distance between my two feet is created.

As long as I am with my friends I feel more or less quite at ease in my mind. Then when I am not with my friends I feel quite sad. If I have an argument then my temper becomes irritable and I my lips and my whole body starts to shiver with rage.
Hello Riverild,
Thanks for your letter.
Your problem is known as social anxiety disorder. You should have consulted a doctor much earlier. It is imperative to start treatment from the beginning. As a medicine, you can take the following. You should take tablet Setra 50mg daily once in the morning (1+0+0). Also take tablet Bopam 3mg half in the morning and a half at night (½ +0+ ½).

Do not discontinue with this medicine. Contact us 3 months later.

Email From Daniel Hawkins

Hello Doctor,
I am 21 years old. I am suffering for a long time from some problems. The symptom of the disease is the fact I cannot mix easily with anyone. I cannot laugh with gusto. When I see a new person I feel scared, hesitant on talking with him. Inside I feel like low-self esteem person and I am panic stricken by the fact what if he asks me any question. I do not feel like studying.

The moment I sit down to study, various fictitious thoughts enter my mind. My eyes become droopy with sleep as a result of which my exam result was not as expected. I am losing my memory, and I am always imagining things. I worry too much on any matter. I am lack self-confidence and I cannot take any firm decision on any matter. And if I do, then a couple of days later I think that maybe it were not the correct decision and I made a mistake and became upset.
Hello Daniel,
Thanks for your e-mail. You are suffering from problems that are classified as a social phobia. Later on, symptoms of depression are revealed.

Alongside social phobia, you are also suffering from obsession problem. There is no need to be astonished that you have many problems.

The reason is that the treatment for both social phobia and obsession are one and the same.You can take capsule Prodip 20mg daily one in  the morning (1+0+0), tablet Ipnol 2mg half in the morning and a half in the night (½ +0+½).

Be continued with the medicine, and do not be stopped without the next instructions. You are required to contact us after one and half month’s time.

Email From James Norman

Hello Doctor,
I am 25 years old. I am trying to complete my masters in chemistry. Since grade seven till date, I am suffering from a problem. The problem is that I am always in a state of fear, anxiety and a feeling of unhappiness. Whenever I come across simple problems I start to feel quite nervous. I am afraid to go to the doctor because of the fact what if he tells me that I have cancer.

So I am being mentally destroyed thinking all by myself that I am finished. My sexual powers are quite weak. Since the seventh grade, I am of the habit of masturbation. At present for the past four months the problem I am facing with is the fact that my studies are going down the drain.

The thing is that I have a book of dreams where the results of the dreams are written. Some of the dreams are the evidence of my death.

The problem is that I see those dreams. As a result, I am, day by day, becoming thinner due to excessive worry and hypertension. How am I going to find the solution to my problems, please let me know, I will be forever grateful.
Hello James
Thanks for your letter. Most probably you are suffering from the problem that is a social phobia. Alongside this, you also seem to have obsession phobia. When you suffer in the long-term from phobia and obsession it ultimately turns into depression problem. In your case, the same thing has also happened.

But you should have come to earlier. Nothing to worry, though, it is never too late. As medicines, you can have tablet Serolux 50mg for the first four days take half a tablet. After four days you should start taking one whole tablet. Take tablet Serelam 0.5gm everyday half in the morning and a half after lunch and one whole in the night (½ +½+1). From the 20th day onwards you should only take in the morning and night. Take tablet Sizonil 1mg every day half a tablet in the morning only (½ +0+0).

At the end of one month stop taking this tablet. You may feel weak at the beginning due to the effects of the medicines. After a few days, it will be normal again. You might also need psychotherapy alongside the medicines. In this way, we teach the patients various things.


Dear Readers,

It will not be surprising that you may find the similarity of your own problem with any of the above cases. But I am earnestly requesting you not to take any medicines suggested here.
Without observing a patient face to face, it is not that much easy and effective to suggest treatment. The medicines I prescribed here are temporary and not 100% accurate. So, without consult with a psychiatrist, do not take any medicines from the suggestion here.
If you get any physical or mental problem by taking medicines from here, I and will not be liable for that.

Sudden Chest Pain: A Cardiologist’s Interview

sudden chest pain

Chest pain is a common problem in our lives with which we all more or less know of. It is difficult to find a person who has not experienced sudden chest pain. This pain is sometimes less but at other times this pain becomes complex. But this pain can be dangerous sometimes. If quick and appropriate actions are not taken, then the consequences can be devastating.

Careuall recently had a discussion on the above subject with the senior adviser of cardiology department of Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital and Research Institute, Professor Dr M.A. Rashid. The interview was conducted by our honorable author Professor Dr Nabid Farhan.

Interview Topic: Sudden Chest Pain

What are the most common causes of chest pain that become causes for complexity?

Professor M. A. Rashid: Chest pain is, in fact, one kind of symptom. One can get chest pain for many reasons. There are many organs in the chest, and each of them has the ability to create chest pain. On the other hand, one can have chest pain for some other reasons. For example, chest pain can occur due to stomach pain. You may feel discomfort in the chest due to any problem in the head. But the pain in the chest, if it occurs while walking in an adult or a middle-aged person, then it has a lot of importance.

In medical science, it is called effort angina. This means that if the pain increases while working and reduces when resting, then, it is quite a problem. Generally, in such situations, the coronary blood arteries may contract or create a block. Such pain or heaviness in the chest or pressure on the chest can be felt in the left or right or even in the middle of the chest. In such a situation, you should most certainly consult a doctor. It is assumed then, that the pain may be caused by cardiovascular disease.

For what other reasons can one have chest pain?

Professor M. A. Rashid: There are different types of chest pain. It may be caused due to the bones or muscles that are in the chest. Again, it may be caused due to a tissue layer which is on the heart. Or it may cause due to problems with the tissue layer on the liver. The level of the pain fluctuates with breathing. Normally, patient has a cough. The pain is severe and also reduces quite fast.

Even when one have the problems relating to gas, it is possible sometimes to get chest pains. This pain may be felt immediately after consumption of food or when you are hungry. The pain gradually spreads from the chest to the back and staying for a long time (more than 60 minutes). If you lie down and rest, the pain may increase. This pain reduces if you take medicines like an antacid.

When a patient arrives with chest pain, how do you check what type of pain it is?

Professor M. A. Rashid: As a cardiologist, I will first check to see if he has any heart problems. If the pain is caused by the heart, then the pain will be pressed. You will feel like as if you have a lot of weight on your chest. Along with the pain, you have perspiration on your body. Also, you will have difficulty in breathing.

This pain in most times spreads to the hands. You will feel a lot of discomforts. When we see such symptoms, initially we suspect that the pain is due to heart disease. Once we conclude that there is no problem with the heart, then, we look for some other causes of the pain.

How do you separate the types of chest pains?

Professor M. A. Rashid: Even though it is not possible all the time, but every pain has some special features. By observing these features, we can separate the pain and it becomes possible to quickly manage the patient.
Pleuritic chest pain- this is usually due to various problems associated with the respiratory system, pneumonia or respiratory tract. It may also be caused by pleural infection.

In general, this pain is observed in special places of the chest but not in the middle. It does occur in the middle but it is rare. The pain is like as if someone is stabbing you with a pointed knife. The pain does not spread elsewhere, though, in some cases there are exceptions.
Ischemic cardiac pain- this type of pain is usually caused when the blood circulation process of the heart is interrupted. The pain is usually in the centre of the chest which later on spreads to the left arm and hand. But it can happen on the top part of the stomach also.

The pain is like a suppressed type of pain, which at many times feels like a big weight has been placed on your chest.
Gastric related pain- this type of pain is generally observed on the upper part of the stomach. Consumption of fried or spicy foods increases this type of pain. The pain may go to the back of the stomach. This type of patient usually has a long history of pain.

Chest pain caused by the muscles of the chest- this pain can be anywhere or all over the chest. The patient may have a history of getting injured or being hurt while lifting heavy objects. The pain increases while breathing heavily or the person pulls a muscle when he is walking.

Many times in some cases, it is seen that the chest begins to pain when walking. The patient can no longer walk anymore and sits down. After a short while, he/she can walk again. Why is this so?

Professor M. A. Rashid: This pain most of the time is due to heart disease. When the demand of oxygen supply to the body increases, it is then the pain occurs. When the patient takes rest and the demand of oxygen supply reduces, pain can start. We call this chronic stable angina.

Whether the pain is caused by chronic stable angina or heart attack, when the person comes to you with such a pain, what do you do then?

Professor M.A.Rashid: When the chest is paining, first we check if it is due to the heart problems or not. If we see that the pain is due to heart disease then we immediately do an ECG urgently. After doing an ECG, we can take a decision about what type of pain it is. Is it a severe heart attack or stable angina? Then we try to give the appropriate treatment.

Is there anything for the patient to do before coming to you?

Professor M. A. Rashid: If the patient can understand that the pain is due to heart problems, before leaving his home he should take aspirin type of drugs. He should take 4 tablets 75mgs each all at once. Also, a tablet for gas should be taken. After taking these tablets, the patient should go to the doctor as quickly as possible.

After arrival and understanding his situation, you determine the type of treatment. In that case, you have conservative management for heart attack patients. Also, you have surgical management. How do you decide that?

Professor M. A. Rashid: When a patient arrives with a heart attack it depends whether it is an acute MI. We call this an acute myocardial infarction. Now we see if it is possible to do a stenting by performing an angiogram. If it is possible and the patient gives us permission then at first we do an angiogram. Later, we tell to go for stenting.
If we see that the patient has arrived very late and we do not have such facilities, then we do an ECG and inject him with a blood diluting injection to keep the blood diluted.

Having chest pain, many people get horrified whether they should go to the hospital or not. Then again, they are in confusion, thinking if the pain is due to gas formation in the chest or due to heart problems. Then they take tablets for gastric problems. Is there any way to separate or determine these two types of pain?

Professor M. A. Rashid: Suppose, a person has chest pain after dinner. That person is over 30 years old and smokes. The person has diabetes and high blood pressure. His family has such a history. When such a person has chest pain, then definitely he should consult a doctor. He should go to the emergency department of a hospital and meet those doctors who understand such problems. After taking some diagnosis, a doctor can determine the types of pain.
It is not wise to take medicines for gastric problems while feeling chest pain. Chest pain does not occur only for gastric. There are many reasons we have already discussed.

By the by, a patient came to me with the breathing problem some days ago. He disregarded the chest pain two times thinking of pain for gas. When he went to a clinic near his home with Asphyxia, he was treated as an asthma patient. Getting no improvements after two days there, his father took him to our hospital.
We made him admitted to CCU. We find “heart failure” by diagnosing.
The purpose of telling this story is: neglecting by thinking of pain for gas made his condition more serious and complex.

If the patient can understand that the pain is caused by the heart, before going to the doctor, are there any issues?

Professor M. A. Rashid: If the pain is related to his work such as, hard labor increases the pain; many get confused by thinking maybe the pain is because of gas problems. In these cases, instead taking drugs on your own and by not wasting any time, quickly go and see a doctor. In that case, some tests will have to be done to get confirmation on the type of disease.
But if you treat yourself at home and waste time by doing so, then the problem may become very acute. As a result, it may become quite difficult to treat the patient.

If anyone understands that the pain is caused by his heart, in that case, can he take aspirin-type drugs?

Professor M. A. Rashid: If he can understand the matter or has prior knowledge that he has a cardiac problem. In such cases, he can consume aspirin or dispirin type of drugs 300mg.
There is another spray by the name of nitroglycerin. In such a situation, he can spray it into his mouth. But he should spray in a sitting position. He might fall down if he sprays while standing. Often, it reduces the blood pressure. But he has to go the doctor as fast as he can.

After a patient reaches you, how do you determine how serious and at -what stage it is and what to do?

Professor M. A. Rashid: The moment he reaches the doctor, immediately a quick a test is done. By hearing the history we try to know when the pain started and what type of pain it is. Then, we do an ECG and a troponin test. Along with a blood sugar test is also done.

So, it is not the case that the moment you get chest pain, you are experiencing a heart attack. This is a symptom. When the pain starts, it is then the symptoms which start to come to the chest as pains.
When the pain is severe and shows no sign of reducing, then it might turn into a dangerous situation. It is then that we can say the person has had a heart attack.

About treatment, what do you do?

Professor M. A. Rashid: We divide this into two parts. We call one of them stable angina. The other we call unstable angina. By stable, we understand that the pain is caused by normal labor. After some rest the pain reduces.

When the patient goes to a doctor for the treatment of this problem, initially an ECG is done. Then, a few ordinary blood tests are also carried out. Cholesterol levels are checked in the blood. Blood sugar is also checked, and later on, an echocardiogram is done. If it is normal, we do an ETT. If all is found to be normal, we can safely say that the patient is well.

If there is any problem here, then it will definitely show the changes in the ETT. The next test is angiogram or coronary CT angiogram. Then, we have to see how many blockages there are in the arteries. Treatment will start accordingly.

Once a person gets a heart attack, later on, is the risk of getting heart attack higher or lower?

Professor M. A. Rashid: A person who has had a heart attack once, the risk of getting another one is high. The reason being is that his problem remains. He has to change his lifestyle. Regular follow-ups are extremely important.

What is the reason for a person to be affected with heart disease?

Professor M. A. Rashid: The reason is our food habits or our diet. If we consume rich food, then the level of cholesterol in the blood will increase. When the cholesterol increases it gets deposited in the arteries. Therefore, it interrupts blood flow to the heart. As a consequence, unfortunately, the heart attack occurs.

Are there any other causes apart from food habits for this?

Professor M. A. Rashid: Yes there is. We instruct the patient to regularly exercise for 30 minutes at least every day. By exercise, we mean walking and swimming. In a Week, it must be 150 minutes. The walk should be a bit quick so that your body has to perspire and your chest should heave gently.

The person changes his food habits, he also regularly exercises. But, he is a smoker or he has other bad habits….?

Professor M. A. Rashid: If he has the bad habits, he must strain from them immediately without further delay. For example, smoking and drinking of alcohol. Many people take tobacco leaves with betel leaves, this should be discarded completely. In such a way, the risk factors can be prevented.

Coming back to the matter of treatment. At what stage do you decide that treatment under conservative management is not working? It is time for open heart surgery, bypass, stenting that have to be performed on the patient?

Professor M. A. Rashid: Even after receiving general treatment, the person may feel uncomfortable. He may feel uncomfortable in his chest while walking or has trouble breathing. It is at this stage that we decide to do an angiogram and see what the condition is inside. We see and understand the extent of the blockage. If we see that over 70% is blocked, we are to decide for stenting or bypass.

Many times it is mentioned 2 blocks or 4 blocks, what does it really mean?

Professor M.A.Rashid: This means how many blocks are there. The blood circulation flows through 2-3 arteries in the heart. If there are more than 3 blocks then we tell the patient to go for a by-pass. If there are 1 or 2 blocks then we tell the patient to do a stenting. All this depends on what we see on the angiogram.

Like angiogram, doctors also say another word like angioplasty, what is it actually?

Professor M. A. Rashid: This is like expanding the place where the block is situated. In this way, blood flow remains normal. After this, the fear of this problem does not exist any longer. But in the future, it can occur again.

After treatment, if the patient continues to do things that are still risky, then it will happen again. In this case, what is your advice to the patient?

Professor M. A. Rashid: In this regard, the advice we give to patients is to make a habit to eat healthy foods. He/she has to daily exercise at least for 30 minutes. If the person has a habit of smoking, it must be discarded. Also, they should try to live a stress-free life. Those who have high blood pressure and diabetes, it is imperative for them to keep it under control.

On a closing note, please say something for our readers. If they suddenly get chest pain, what should they do?

Professor M. A. Rashid: If you suddenly experience chest pain, you should without wasting anytime go to a doctor. The doctors will ask you a lot of questions through which he will try to determine the cause of your chest pain. He will try to get as much important information as possible. So, having some idea of answers to the questions the doctor asks you will help you greatly to determine the cause. Also, it can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Like, for example, how the chest pain- is. Is it a burning feeling, is it a pressing type, knifed type or a pimple type pain, or is it injury type pain or is it hard pressing type. When do you feel the pain: morning, mid-day, afternoon or evening or at night, or when you go to sleep? Do you feel the pain in a full or an empty stomach? Do you feel the pain in good or adverse weather? Does the pain occur when you are in a good or foul mood or during hard labor?

On which part of the chest do you feel the pain? In the centre, right or left, or does the pain spread from the chest to your throat, jaw, neck, back, hand or does it spread to the stomach? How many times a day, a week, a month does the pain occur? How do you get relief from the pain? Is it by resting, or by drinking water, or by doing sit-ups or by breathing heavily, or going out to the porch or sitting up from a sleeping position?

When the pain starts, does your body start to perspire excessively? Does your breathing become thicker and do you have breathing problems or do you have a cough?
How does your cough look like and in what amount do you cough? Does your chest heave when you have chest pains and do you have any breathing problems when you have a cough?
The doctor might ask you all these questions. So, before you enter the doctor’s chamber you should be ready with the answers to these questions.
It will help the doctor to identify the cause of your disease easier.


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